Tuesday, 15 January 2013

AP Treasury | DDO Request | DDO Claims Employees Online Bills Submission

DDO Request, DDO Claims AP Employees Online Bill Preparation in AP Employees Bill Preparation, AP Treasury.

Government of Andhra Pradesh is providing its official site for AP Employees bill preparation, submission in www. This website was including more options. That is Pay Bills, Reports, General Services, PRC, User Related, Service Register, Leave Module, CPS, Promotion and Transfer, Joning and LPC Acceptance. 

DDO Request, DDO Claims in www. 

The employers are here by informed the Government would like to know the employees code no, GPF account no, APGLIF no, mobile phone no, e-mail address, etc of each employee. For that it requires that every employee has to log into the HRMS package and enter the above data at Reports – Bill Schedules, Pay slip, Form47 Generating, Bill wise fly leaf, Pay Bill Details, DTA Payroll, DA Arrears Schedule, Change Statement, Bank Annexure. Treasury of Public funds, the processing of pension files of respective departments, financial transactions such as payment of salaries of officials and other payments, pension payments, control of cash during the year all transactions in financial services under Budget are the main functions of the Directorate General of Treasury and maintenance accounts. General Service – Receipt reconciliation, Expenditure Reconciliation, LOC entry, TBR List, Cadre Strength, Retirement Status, Failed Trans of Scholarships, GPF slips Multi Purpose, Card Acceptance. PRC: PRC details entry and reports, PRC bill, PRC Employee Updating. User Related: Changing Password only. Service Register: Annual Property details, Annual Property Statements, DDO Employee Mapping, SR details, Pro-forma II, CPS bills to enter, CPS bills entered. Leave Module: Leaves updating (availability of HPLs and Els), Avail of Leaves. CPS: DDO Registration, PRAN Entry Form. Promotion and Transfer: Promotions, Transfers, Relieving, LPC Issuing. Joining and LPC Acceptance: Joining Report, LPC Acceptance, Pay Fixation On Promotion, Promotion Arrears. AP Treasury website is https://treasury.ap.gov.in/ddoreq ApTreasury or www.